Four Tips to Help Diabetics Save Time on Food Prep

Your doctor may tell you that you have Type 2 diabetes. It can be hard to accept that you need to take this diagnosis seriously. You can make your life more difficult by changing the foods you eat, exercising more, or taking diabetes medication.

A balanced and healthy diet is something you should eat. It’s not something that can be compromised. This includes no processed foods. You can actually manage your Type 2 diabetes with MyPrep Delivery simple steps.

You must also consider food preparation when you are preparing for your healthy eating plan. The food preparation you use can often determine whether you stay on the diet or go off the beaten path.

A lack of food preparation means that you’ll spend hours cooking your meals every day, something most people don’t have time for.

You will be able to cook in a way that is more efficient than before.

Here are some tips to make your food prep easier. Learn more to make healthy eating easier.

Purchase Pre-Cut Veggies. Consider purchasing pre-cut veggies if your vegetable intake is difficult. You will have to pay a bit more but it will save you time and help you get them in.

Frozen vegetables can be used in place of fresh, but they won’t taste as good. These vegetables are generally ready to use when you are, you just need to add them to your meal a few minutes before it is finished.

Slow Cook in Small Batches. You can also use a slow cooker. Slow cooking can be a great way to quickly get food on your plate. Simply put everything into the slow cooker and let it cook.

You can slow cook large quantities of food and have leftovers that are ready to go for 3 to 4 days.

Use Your Freezer Wisely. Make sure to use your freezer well if you have left-overs. Make sure you freeze at least 3-4 portions of any large-sized batch of food. You can then take them out quickly and have them ready for you when you need them.

You can either buy freezer-safe Tupperware, or freeze any left-overs in old’ margarine container if you have them. Both options will work.

Designate one day as your ‘Cooking’ day each week. You can also designate one day each month to cooking. Sunday is the best day for this as most people don’t have too much to do. Spend a few hours prepping your weekly meals.

Although you may not be able to prepare all of them, it will make your week more manageable during busy work hours.

Keep these meal prep tips in your mind. You’ll be able to eat healthier and help with weight loss and blood sugar.

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