How to choose the right commercial flagpole

Commercial flag poles of standard length are 30 to 60 feet long and are made of one piece of aluminum or stainless steel tubing.

Depending on how dramatic you are looking, you might need more than one flagpole. If you plan to put larger flags in the future, make sure there is enough space between them.

For raising or lowering flags, there are two types halyard systems: rope and pulley systems. An external halyard system is located on the pole’s outside. The flag is attached to a rope which is then looped through a truck at the flagpole. The flag is secured to the rope by wrapping it around the cleat at bottom. This will keep it in place and stop it moving up and down. The problem with the external halyard system’s security is that it is too easy to cut.

A halyard system with an internal structure is better for security and durability. It places the cable or rope on the pole’s inside. The winch can be accessed through a hinged door near the shaft’s base. Also, choose a revolving vehicle so the flag does not get wrapped around the pole as the wind changes directions.

You can’t go wrong when it comes to commercial flagpole materials. Steel flagpoles can be the strongest and most durable poles, and they require no maintenance.

Bronze alloys have a more traditional look and feel. For historical and national architectural projects, bronze alloys are most commonly used. The color of a flagpole made from this material will change with time.

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