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The Healthy Magic Of Chaga

Women and men are more inclined to use natural remedies than aggressive medical procedures. Chaga is an excellent way to remain healthy naturally. This article explains the magic this mushroom can bring. On soulcybin you can learn more.

What kind of mushroom does this look like?

This fungus thrives on hardwood tresses and birch.
It also contains betulinic, which is toxic for cancer cells.
It has a porous appearance and reminds me of burnt coal.
Although this is not something that mainstream media often hear about, it has been used by folk healers for hundreds upon hundreds of years.
It was first used in China and Siberia, Russia.
It has been called the ‘Gift of God, ‘Mushroom of Immortality’, The Diamond of the Forest’ and King of Plants.

What are its healing powers?

Its ability to prevent the growth of cancerous or malignant tumor cells, is its most promising feature. It targets the tumor cells and does not interfere with the function of healthy tissues.

Numerous studies have demonstrated its effectiveness in fighting the early stages cancers of the liver and breast, colon as well as skin and skin.

It protects cells DNA from harmful free radicals. It contains superoxide demutase (SOD). This is a powerful enzyme with anti-aging properties. It acts to stop oxidation, and especially the toxic effects of a singlet oxygen free radical. This is the type oxygen responsible for oxidizing tissues and causing them to become damaged, which leads to cellular ageing. By quenching the singlet oxygen non-radical, the mushrooms’ SOD blocks this damage.